The Ryken Library


Bridging the Gap from the World of the Biblical Text

Seven Ways to Misread the Bible

The Bible as Literature in the Seminary and Pulpit

Twelve Literary Traits of the Bible

Ten Things You Need to Know about the Bible as Literature

Five Fallacies about the Bible as Literature

What Biblical Scholarship Needs to Learn from Literary Criticism of the Bible

The English Bible as Cultural Influence

The Bible as Literature

Leisure as a Christian Calling

The Imagination as a Means of Grace

The Puritan Doctrine of Vocation

A Defense of Expository Preaching

Why and How to Read the Bible as Literature

The Bible as Literature in the West

The Role of the Reader

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Dr. Leland Ryken

Author & Professor

Leland wants to see people growing and reading the Bible as literature. He has been a college teacher of literature for over half a century, authored some sixty books, and now continues to bless the Church through his resources made freely available on this site.

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